Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, get the right people and traffic to your website.

We take immense pride in being a Google Premier Partner, showcasing our unwavering confidence in our digital marketing prowess and our ability to deliver exceptional results with Google Ads.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, <strong>get the right people and traffic to your website.</strong> Image


Pay per Click, also referred to as PPC or Google Adwords, is an advertising platform allowing us to get your website onto Page One of Google within a matter of days. In exchange for this privilege, we must however pay a fee to Google for each and every potential customer that click-through from the Google search results to your website. Thus, the name, Pay Per Click.

For many of our customers who are working with us on a longer-term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy, PPC provides an immediate impact for their business, gaining immediate traction by generating relevant traffic to their website.


When you are paying for each and every click, it is essential we manage your budget effectively. Our experienced team will ensure that we both get as many clicks as possible for your money, while also making sure that we get you the right clicks to encourage conversion from people who will proceed to enquire about your services or make a purchase on your online shop. 

We install conversion tracking into your website to ensure we can measure pound for pound what we are spending on PPC advertising, and what the budget is generating in terms of online sales or lead generation. This analytical and structured approach ensures that we can run a profitable PPC campaign for you. 

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Our Paid Search Specialists work on our clients PPC campaigns on a daily basis to drive performance increases, ensuring the best possible Return on Investment (ROI). For some of our clients, investment into PPC has grown from hundreds of pounds per month to thousands of pounds per month. Clearly, investment at this level is only worth it if you are getting the results and our clients are!

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If you are running PPC advertising, or are interested in doing so but are concerned that you may not be getting the best results, speak to us today. As a Premier Google Partner, you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands.

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