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Industry-leading apps that have achieved top positions in the UK & US App stores.

Why build an app for your business? Using both mobile web and apps on the move is a huge part of our everyday lives.

102 Billion App Store Downloads Yearly
26 Billion Global App Revenue Yearly

Introducing, an experienced app development team

Our app development team has achieved exceptional results for our clients since our app division was established in 2012. We design and build apps on Google Play and Apple App Store for all popular mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android handsets and tablets. offers professional app development expertise and skill to deliver apps across a wide range of sectors.

Our apps can take your mobile offering to a new level of functionality, interactivity and engagement - leveraging the cutting-edge technology in today’s smartphones and tablet devices.

Why choose a mobile app approach for your business

Using both mobile web/internet and apps is becoming increasingly popular, and is a huge part of our everyday lives. The UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) has stated that 45% of UK internet users are visiting websites via mobile devices (i.e smartphones, tablet devices), many via apps.

With this news in mind, businesses across the UK are looking to rebuild their websites to be mobile-first and considering what additional benefits the development of an app may offer.

Our app experience with clients

mtc has designed and built market-leading apps. The Hungrrr SaaS business offering by is an example of leading app technology, providing the hospitality industry with an app for contactless ordering. e Plus, we designed and built Snappy Shopper, a popular one-hour grocery delivery app in the UK. Other key app clients include NHS Scotland, BrewDog, ESPC and Peter Vardy.

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