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Siren Craft Brew

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We embarked on a journey with Berkshire based Brewery Siren Craft Beer back in 2017. The current system Shopify wasn't working well and they wanted something built a bit more bespoke.

We designed and developed the cms + shop on the mtc brewery solution system which gives them full control and seamless transitions between the 2 core areas of the site. The site now showcases the beers with the respect and awards they deserve and has a powerful opportunity to sell them online. 

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E-commerce, Tours, Taproom

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Medium (SME)

Siren Craft Brew

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Siren Craft Brew

A cohesive shop and site

Siren Craft Brew has 2 parts to their site, the brewery side with Story, blog, Taproom & tours and the online shop section. They originally wanted to focus on having the about as the core focus of the site but as we continue to improve the site and seeing great results from other brewery solutions, we implemented a more shop focussed primary menu. This has boosted conversion and sales and is something we suggest doing for any sales driven drinks providers. 

The product pages allow multiple case sizes and saving amount. This has helped sell more quantities and boost conversion.