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Kinross House is privately owned, and as a business is targeting a very varied and diverse audience, it is critical that the new website reflected these goals. With quality clever use of photography encapsulated within a world class website design appealing to high net worth individuals / families, corporate clients of the calibre of the likes of Rolls Royce / Rolex and their respective agents.

The Coach House is targeted at a much wider mass market, and so was more focused on a sales driven approach as opposed to the understated. It has been backed up with digital marketing through channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (80% female audience).

Having experience of working on projects targeting a diverse audience which target the high-end market, as well as the mass market and understand the needs of both from an online perspective. We ensured that the customer journeys within the new website design combined Kinross House / Coach House were tailored to meet the needs of those customer groups.

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