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House of Hazelwood

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New custom Shopify experience for House of Hazelwood an unrivalled collection of aged Scotch whisky. The House of Hazelwood collection has grown to become the greatest inventory of aged Scotch whisky held anywhere in the world and needed a site to match.

This exclusive collection once kept private, is now being made available to a select few outside the immediate family. The batches of items being released have been meticulously hand-selected for their unrivalled quality and uniqueness.

The new Shopify design was crafted with the utmost confidence to elevate the brand value, showcase the top-notch products with stunning visuals throughout the user journey, and uplift the overall B2C conversion rates.

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Small (SME)

"For the past few months I've been working with mtc. on the rebuild of, focusing on streamlining the customer journey while maintaining the storytelling of our brand.

Our new site went live in the past couple of weeks and we've seen some positive movement across the site, with users engaging for longer and exploring more of our wonderful whiskies."

Hazel Berryman, DTC Channel Manager