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The Cauldron offers customers a magical experience whereby they can delve deep into the world of magic and brew their own consumable potions with molecular mixology, engage with their environment through the use of magic wands, designed using the latest IoT technology and become master potion-makers in the process at their bars and events across the world including London, Edinburgh, Dublin and New York.

We re-developed the front-end of each web site, in a phased approach, giving each a fully responsive web site design that is in keeping with the rich immersive experience the business delivers to its customers. This boosted conversions, and revenue as a result. The new responsive front-end follows an overall “schematic” or wireframe to ensure that the platform stands, allowing new features to be added once across all of the web sites to work in the same way both front and back-end. 

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Many Locations, One User Route With 4 locations currently situated in throughout the globe, in New York, London, Edinburgh and Dublin; The Cauldron use science, technology, and design to bring the magic from fantasy books to life in interactive, immersive experiences. The new website had to present a unified cohesive brand experience that reflects the experience delivered on location, whilst also providing a “marketing-ready” platform to enable geo-specific visibility through organic SERP indexation and social media integration.

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The Cauldron are a technology-led entertainment studio that delivers immersive experiences & products through hospitality. We blend science & tech with food, drink & retail.  Their mission is to bring fantasy to life with science, technology and design, and to create an inclusive community of people who believe that magic is possible—it's just a matter of perspective.

mtc helped The Cauldron achieve their online community goals by taking the brief of what they are looking to achieve online and worked with them together designing and setting up the crowdfunding platform called Equity for Magic.  The platform includes an