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OEG Offshore (OEG) is a leading provider of specialist offshore cargo carrying units and a60 cabins. OEG also provide a vast array of equipment on a sale or rental basis from locations worldwide.

The previous site was developed by mtc a few years back and now management wish to redevelop the site to bring it right back up to date with the latest web technologies. The primary objective is to increase inbound enquiries and to strengthen the Brand. As the Oil & Gas sector is currently experiencing difficulties, management have identified this downturn as an opportunity to re-establish OEG as the No.1 provider.

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Growth Through Process The website is fully responsive for mobile users, delivering an exceptional user experience that will continually promote and strengthen the OEG brand and ultimately convert the visitor into a customer through clear Call to Actions (CTAs) as well as introducing ecommerce for the first time for OEG.