New eCommerce experience for Umbro 2023

23 Jan 2023

New eCommerce experience for Umbro 2023

We take great pride in announcing that we've just launched Umbro's new eCommerce design for 2023.

Umbro is an iconic sports brand that has been producing the best styles and products since 1924. They are most well known for sportswear in football & rugby, and now are growing into a full fitness sports brand with a wide variety of products for all genders and age ranges. 

Umbro is a long-standing client with mtc, and has successfully grown online over their years with us through fantastic management, design and development from our skilled team. By reviewing and revising their current website, we always continue to offer them the best service and advice we, and the digital industry as a whole, have to offer.

Continued Success

The previous Umbro site had been growing with its continued success and the addition of new sports ranges and collaborations. This exciting period of growth called for a revision of their current offering, as many new categories were added directly to the main navigation over time. With these new menu items, the experience was no longer the best fit for the site architecture and needed to be better understood to gain the best results for the conversion, user experience and Umbro brand value.

The previous site design functioned well, but with the growth and expansion of the offering aforementioned, lacked a cohesive user experience across the site. As their digital experts, we thought that the Umbro site would massively benefit from a user-centred design approach to increase conversion and ROI.

The Project Process

The main project goals were to: evolve navigation into a multi-sport website for growth, use current web design trends to increase UI value, be aligned to the brand ethos and styles and be a UX mobile-first design approach.

Before the project started we performed an analytical User Experience Review of the website that allowed us to see any pain points and opportunities for growth. As well as this, our team researched competitors' & other sportswear brands' UI/UX, and our findings were then all fed back to the client to open multiple productive discussions. 

We started this project with a UX discovery workshop to develop user personas for their key audiences with real data. This gave us accurate and relevant information about the goals of the business, potential pain points, needs of the users and interests. User personas are key to any project but when it's a more complex project or a larger eCommerce like Umbro, you must have the key components in design decision-making, this is what allows you to create user-centred products.

This was an interactive workshop where the clients could be involved in decision-making, information building, content hierarchy and site map architecture planning. This information helped shape the initial design UX and UI of the Umbro website, without this information we wouldn't have been able to create the fantastic outcome. 

You can take a look at the final result at Umbro Website and you can read the full work case study below.

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