Dealer Website of the Year Award

24 Nov 2020

Dealer Website of the Year Award

Travelling to Leeds in the Winter of 2019, Covid19 wasn’t even a thought, never mind what impact it could have on our lives and the automotive market. 

As I first met with Sam and Robin Luscombe, it was clear that their ambition was to ensure they place their customers first and at the heart of everything they do, by doing so they knew that for the vast majority of their customers, their journey will start online, they had to get this right.

Within a competitive marketspace, crowded by indistinguishable web presences, our goal was to enable Luscombe’s to standout, however in a way that brought value to their customers, connected with them, drove quality content and aligned with the Luscombe mission of ‘We Won't Sell You A Car, We Will Help You Buy One!’

The timing of their drive to a digital first approach cannot be underestimated, while it set them up perfectly to face the challenges of an ever demanding customer centric approach, ensuring they remained at the service to their customers day and night, it has enabled them to pivot and step ahead of the competition during an unprecedented time in all our lives through Covid19. They lead with an ecommerce platform that allows customers to do everything they would in the showroom, including the part exchange and purchase of their new car, safely and securely, at any time, from the comfort of their home.

As highlighted by Sam Luscombe at the acceptance of the Motor Trader Best Dealer Website Award, the automotive industry may be feeling whiplash, that will be due to the ten years forward we just jumped in 90 days’ time during lockdown, Luscombe’s were ready and are already looking ahead.

A massive well done to Luscombe’s of Leeds, we look forward to supporting you and your customers for many years to come. 

First and foremost, we were delighted with the end product of months of hard work and collaboration with the launch of the site in May. By July we were seeing the effect that was having on our enquiry levels and come September, the positive impact on the business’ bottom line was clear. Ultimately, the purpose of the website is to drive business and to that extent, we’re delighted with the performance, but to follow that up with the validation of an industry award is a great testament to the whole team at mtc for bringing our vision to a reality.

In a competitive category and in a year where dealer websites have become more important than ever, winning this award highlights not only the importance of an excellent digital presence, but that delivering something industry leading can be done without the budget of a huge PLC.

Sam Luscombe - Innovation Manager



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