Website Launch for global data provider - STR

12 Jul 2019

Website Launch for global data provider - STR

Here at mtc we are absolutely delighted and immensely proud to have launched the new website this week.

STR provides clients from multiple market sectors with premium, global data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights. Founded in 1985, STR maintains a presence in 15 countries with a corporate North American headquarters in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and an international headquarters in London.

Off the back of the work mtc had done with AM:PM Hotels and Hilton Worldwide we were the partner of choice for this Digital transformation project.
Some of the features and frameworks we have setup: 

  • Redesigned to enable an enhanced, mobile enabled UX.
  • Enhanced CMS speed and performance globally.
  • Streamlined processes and more control for CMS users.
  • Salesforce and Helpdesk integrations to ensure lead generation throughout website via web to lead.
  • Fully built on Drupal 8.
  • eCommerce setup with Drupal Commerce
  • Enabled geo-location driven site navigation and onsite marketing.
  • Global regions settings and content covering Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese-Brazil, and French languages.
  • Full advanced Analytics including Advanced eCommerce tracking. 
  • Full bespoke Custom trend product builder.
  • API integrations for users, pricing, products, currencies.
  • Ability to accommodate growth for new industries.
  • Positioned site for future marketing automation.
  • Azure cloud hosting and Dev Ops Support. 

Thank you to the many departments, testers, language proofers, content loaders and developers that helped on this project from STR and mtc. This has truly been a collaborative effort with world-class results.

STR project is a fantastic example of the results of modern technology integrated into a company who are experts in their industry to set a new industry standard website.  We really recommend you check out the new website here.

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