Say Hello to the new Shopify Store for Williams Bros. Brewing Co.

26 Jul 2023

Say Hello to the new Shopify Store for Williams Bros. Brewing Co.

We are thrilled to announce Williams Bros. Brewing Co.'s new eCommerce experience for 2023 - a brand new Shopify store.

The story of two brothers who successfully grew their brewing business across different continents is truly remarkable. Their journey is an inspiration for those who want to join the thriving and varied craft beer community.


Williams Bros. required a fresh website to exhibit their rebranded image and innovative vision. Additionally, they sought to enhance their CMS section by transitioning from Craft CMS to Shopify. This adjustment will simplify website management for the client and provide greater adaptability for future development.


Working together with Williams Bros, we engaged in a user-focused process to establish goals and a purpose for the new website. This provided us with a clear direction and insight into the needs and expectations of current and future users, enabling us to improve the design to meet their demands. As a result, we ensured a consistent customer experience across all aspects of the design.


Project Summary

We're happy to provide you with a summary of the tasks we've completed for this project! We conducted a full UX/UI design process and developed both the eCommerce backend and the front-end. We also performed marketing and SEO checks, implemented server solutions, and managed the project. Let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything else we can help you with!

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