New site brings iconic global brands under Mentholatum umbrella

20 Apr 2022

Transforming Mentholatum's Online Experience

This is only the beginning of the new Mentholatum website, after the success of this online experience

The Mentholatum Company is perhaps not a familiar brand in the UK. However, there are many iconic brands under the Mentholatum umbrella. These include Deep Heat, Deep Freeze and Regenovex.

Mentholatum has been manufacturing muscle and joint care products since 1889. While the Mentholatum brand is well known in the USA, in the UK the individual products are more easily recognised. The state of the art product UK head office and manufacturing facilities of the products is based in Scotland, just on the outskirts of Glasgow City, this is a fantastic locational choice logistically for the business and for it's plentiful supply of workforce opportunities. 

That's because Deep Heat and Deep Freeze are two of the biggest brands in muscle & joint care in the UK. This is part of the reason why Mentholatum operated seven websites, one for each product.

However, the product range has expanded to include skin and eye care products. It was decided the time was right to streamline their online presence.

The key products are:

One key feature is the Symptom Checker, which allows the user to ensure they are using the best product for their condition.

This is only the beginning of the Mentholatum site. After the success of this new build, they’re looking forward to phase two. This will include expanded functionality of the site, and introducing eCommerce so users can purchase through the website.

The new site allows for products to be added quickly and easily. This means the site will be able to support the future expansion of the Mentholatum range.

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