mtc work with Women's Business Station to #BreaktheBias

08 Mar 2022

mtc work with Women's Business Station to #BreaktheBias

At mtc, we believe that the diversity of our team is one of our greatest strengths.

It means we can understand a wider range of clients, come up with more innovative solutions and appeal to a wide range of audiences.

That’s why we are fully behind Women’s Business Station, a social enterprise looking to help women start, build or grow a business.

Women’s Business Station workshops, courses and networking events have led to:

  1. 163 new businesses launched by women
  2. 131 businesses growing and expanding
  3. 165 new jobs created
  4. £4.5 million generated for local economies

On March 8th - International Women’s Day - Women’s Business Station will be working with Perthshire Business Network, Women Ahead, Grow Biz and Business Gateway to host an evening celebrating women who are helping #BreakTheBias.

Speakers include Caroline McKenna, who will deliver a talk called "Being Resilient: How to Adapt Well and Create Success".

After a successful career in the financial sector, Caroline moved onto providing leadership skills across the charity sector.

At Social Good Connect, she wants to make employee volunteering easy by connecting employees to their ideal volunteering opportunities through their unique digital search and match technology.

Michelle Madox, founder of Clootie McToot will deliver a talk entitled "Navigating Negativity and Keeping True to Your Purpose".

Clootie McToot makes and supplies traditional clootie dumplings to retailers the length and breadth of the UK, as well as running a local shop and cafe.

Clootie McToot is a disability positive employer, with a 70% disabled workforce.

That fits perfectly with the theme of International Women’s Day - Break the Bias - to create a world where opportunity isn’t decided by gender, race, or age, and where harmful stereotypes no longer hold power.

The Women's Business Station event will feature networking opportunities and other inspirational speakers.

Events like this can really help women-lead businesses thrive, in many sectors and industries.

The digital marketing industry tends to be innovative and forward-thinking, and as a result is one of the closest to achieving gender equality - around 55% of roles in the industry are held by men, 45% by women.

However, there is still more to be done - women account for only 25% of senior digital marketing roles.

The mtc team includes many creative, inspiring and driven women who have built their careers here.

Alix Foreman is a Business Development Executive at mtc, and is the first point of contact for potential clients. Her role is incredibly important to the continued growth of our digital marketing agency.

Amy Judge is the Senior Marketing Account Manager. The rapport she built with a diverse range of clients saw Amy quickly promoted to this role, after joining mtc in October 2020.

Ibernia Fraser is Head of IT at mtc. Her experience and expertise are crucial to the smooth operating of the business. Ibernia supports literally everyone at mtc.


Tasha O’Hare is the Operations Director at mtc. She oversees operations, from landing a client through to launching new websites. Originally joining mtc as an Account Manager, Tasha is the first female board member.


We encourage a friendly, social atmosphere at mtc, ensure a family-friendly environment which benefits men and women and encourage all our staff to develop and grow their skills.


Anthony Brennan, Business Development Director at mtc, said: “Here at mtc, we pride ourselves on steps we have taken to Break The Bias, as we try and ensure our workplace for our staff and clients is inclusive, diverse and equitable.

“We love that we work with many strong inspiring women, who take on the challenges they face to help break them down. Not only for themselves, but other women too.”

Women's Business Station CEO, Angie De Vos took some time to explain more about the work they do to help break down barriers.

“The barriers that face women when starting a business are plentiful. Most voiced are lack of finance, confidence, support and connection.  While this is true, we at Women’s Business Station made it our mission to dig a bit deeper.  After 18 months of consultation with hundreds of local women, WBS discovered that there are far more barriers to be addressed than the ones mentioned earlier.

“For any business to get off to the best start, areas such as  legal, finance, banking, digital, compliance are critical to creating a solid foundation from which to build from. We discovered that many of these services do not take into consideration the customer journey of a working-class woman! The women we support told us they often feel intimidated and ‘out of their depth’. Their solution is to avoid or ignore or try and do it themselves, which we know doesn't bring the best results.”

Collaborating with Women’s Business Station, mtc have created several new packages that are affordable , manageable and right for an early-stage start -up.  In addition, mtc have designed and delivered several training sessions that cover essential topics such as designing your website, understanding SEO and social media. 

We at mtc are looking forward to growing our partnership with the Woman’s Business Station, with new developments already in the pipeline.

We are fully committed to Breaking The Bias, creating a business where we play our part to:

  1. Create a gender equal world.
  2. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.
  3. A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.
  4. A world where difference is valued and celebrated.

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