mtc partner with Social Good Connect for good

04 Mar 2022

mtc partner with Social Good Connect

mtc are delighted to partner with Social Good Connect, to bring rewarding volunteering opportunities to staff.

Social Good Connect are a social enterprise, which aims to make volunteering easier. By creating a profile with likes and interests, you will be matched with volunteering opportunities that match your skills.

mtc will also be doing our part to help employees volunteer, by providing two days of paid volunteering leave.

At mtc, we have a proud history of supporting charitable organisations. In the past, we have supported Social Bite, which aims to end homelessness and SAMH, which promotes mental health awareness.

However, previous charitable efforts have been fairly ad-hoc. We hope that partnering with Social Good Connect means we will be able to support a wider range of charities, and more staff can get involved.

As well as benefiting charities across the country, the company and the staff will also benefit. ​​

Research has shown that volunteering can have a positive impact on health and wellbeing by reducing feelings of stress, creating a sense of fulfilment and increasing physical and mental activity.

Depending on the opportunity, volunteering can also be a great mechanism for development, allowing employees to gain skills and confidence in different environments. 

It can also be a lot of fun.

Euan Johnstone, Creative Director at mtc said:

“We are delighted to be introducing a new volunteering policy and the Social Good Connect system. We want to encourage people to do this as we see volunteering as a win win win for the team in terms of their mental health, for the company and hopefully for society as a whole.

The new policy and the platform is a fantastic way for our team to put some good back into the world, not for a charity we have chosen but for something that is closely matched to their skills and causes close to their heart.”

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