Kwik-Fit Best Lollipop Web Site

25 Sep 2010

Kwik-Fit Best Lollipop Web Site

We have recently launched a ground-breaking JavaScript powered interactive site for Kwik-Fit Insurance’s Best Lollipop 2010 competition.

Our in house designers and graphic artists took care of the visuals, whilst our front-end JavaScript developers got together with our server-side team and created some really impressive results.

The brief From Kwik-Fit was to create an engaging and visually fun page for younger children to use and explore whilst voting for their favorite Lollipop Person. Our clients wanted to present a fully interactive experience for their users, with animated characters, flashing lights and moving vehicles – as well as sound effects and background music.

We decided to take a JavaScript approach to this – as we knew we’d be able to deliver a much lighter and user-friendly experience using this technology. We utlised jQuery one of our favourite JavaScript libraries to deliver the interactive elements on screen.

As the project got closer and closer to the go-live date for us, we found it hard to stop adding more and more to the site. Suddenly when this immersive and totally engaging world is in front of you, the site stops being just a normal website and you start to interact with it in this entirely different way. The possibilities for interaction were just phenomenal. Our clients were inspired by our development previews of the site to suggest the premise for the ‘Interactive’ page under the ‘Do’ menu. You load it up and suddenly all these objects start flying and bouncing around and finally end up in the most ridiculous positions. It’s crazy, it’s really fun and if you’re into creating dynamic and really engaging user experiences, we also think it can be inspiring.

We feel like we’ve only scratched the surface on what we can achieve with this kind of interactive technology, and we’re really looking forward to working on more projects just like this in the future!

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