Citylocal The Re-Launch

26 Jul 2010

Citylocal The Re-Launch

Following a number of months of advanced and complicated development we are delighted to announce the re-launch of one of our most successful, and longstanding web based business clients.

CityLocal is run by local people who care about local issues and want to encourage local trade. The web site covers the UK via local franchisees acting as specialist ‘Local Business Promoters’, working closely with outstanding local businesses, lifting their profile within the local community and putting them in touch with their customers, the local public.

Since the web sites launch in 2005 the web site has grown from strength to strength, recruiting franchisees the length and breadth of the UK. The web site has also expanded into Ireland.

Since 2005 the web site has grown, both in terms of traffic and also the features the web site offered. As the web site is purely an online business, it is key that CityLocal is at the cutting edge of web technologies offering the latest interactive and multimedia features.

Following discussions in late 2009 a plan was drafted for the redesign, and re-development of Citylocal, its front-end, franchise area and administration facilities. CityLocal delivers local information, to local users and is one of the most trafficked UK web sites smashing its 2009 targets for growth in traffic.

The new web site development has been one of the most complex projects both in terms of design and technical demands MTC has ever delivered. Both the scale, and the complexity of the migration of the old web site to the new web site has taken time, planning and a lot of expertise. This has meant we have had to push boundaries in delivering the project, and feel the results speak for themselves in the creation of a fantastic new platform to push the business forward.

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