Introducing The Magic of Things

11 Mar 2020

Introducing The Magic of Things

Have you ever poured a pint of beer using a magic wand? Us neither! That was until the inspirational team at The Cauldron invited us along to their Edinburgh venue to enjoy their magical experience!

The Cauldron are a technology company that delivers immersive experiences and products through hospitality. Through their unique venues they provide a blend of science and technology with food & drink.

What began as an idea and a Kickstarter campaign has now become an international success story, bringing magic (cough science cough) to thousands of non-magical beings around the world.

Their mission is to make magic real using science, technology, and design-- what they call "The Magic of Things".

We are delighted to have partnered with The Cauldron at this exciting time in their journey and have just launched their magical new website experience. We have something even more exciting up our sleeve for phase two so please stay tuned!

In the meantime you really must check out The Magic of Things.


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