Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2020

06 Mar 2020

Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2020

Pictured from left to right, Alex McDonald (Project Director), Bill Bowman (North East Scotland MSP), Ellie Robson (Project Assistant), Tiana King (Project Assistant), Ben Drew (Production Manager)

This morning mtc had a visit from MSP Bill Bowman and skills development Scotland. This was as part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2020. 

Scottish Apprenticeships are for everyone no matter their background and for every business, no matter its size or sector. This year, Scottish Apprenticeship Week takes place from 2 – 6 March. It's when you can get involved in activities and events that take place up and down the country.

The campaign theme is ‘Talent Without Limits’ so join us as we celebrate the diversity which makes work-based learning good for individuals, employers and the economy.

We want everyone to know there is no limit to where an apprenticeship can take you, your child or businesses. Old-fashioned ideas about apprenticeships no longer apply.

mtc are extremely proud of our apprentices and currently have 6 active apprentices with the view to be adding on when the current apprentices take on full-time positions within the company in the very near future. 

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