Our Team Of Google Certified Specialists

16 Nov 2016

Our Team Of Google Certified Specialists

Google Certificate


Google Certified Specialists

The Google Partner’s team set a challenge for members of associated partners to pass all the AdWords exams to become a qualified specialist.

The AdWords certification exams are created to test the knowledge of individuals basic and advanced online advertising concepts. Some key elements that play a major part in this are:

• Value proposition of online advertising

• Setup and management of a campaign

• Measurement of a campaign to ensure marketing goals are achieved

• Optimisation of a campaign to ensure it follows Googles best practise

These exams are consisted of:

Google Adwords Fundamentals

The Adwords Fundamentals exam cover general knowledge about Google Adwords and the best practises to follow for managing and optimizing Adwords campaigns effectively.

Google Search Advertising

The Search Advertising exam covers Adwords in more depth, including the best practises to follow for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing search ad campaigns, ensuring the right bidding strategies are in place to achieve the campaigns goals.

Google Display Advertising

The Display Advertising exam covers the best practises for creating, managing and optimizing Display campaigns. By passing this exam it shows a clear understanding of how to reach potential customers using demographics, interests and remarketing on the Display Network.

Google Video Advertising

The Video Advertising exam covers the best practises to follow for creating, managing and optimizing video advertising campaigns across YouTube.

Google Shopping Advertising

The Shopping Advertising exam covers all features from setting up and creating a Google Shopping campaign to managing it following Google best practises. These features include setting up a Merchant Center account and building a high quality product data feed in line with having effective bidding strategies in place.

Google Mobile Advertising

The Mobile Advertising exam covers the features of mobile advertising, including mobile ad formats, bidding and targeting strategies for mobile campaigns and campaign measurement and optimization to ensure the effectiveness in mobile advertising is shown in the return.

In order to achieve this the team at mtc worked hard studying with the latest materials provided from Google and using their expertise to complete these exams and pass them.

It is yet another great achievement for mtc with also having recently just been promoted to a Premier Google Partner.


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