mtc partner with FanDuel to promote the next generation of Fantasy Football

03 Nov 2016

mtc partner with FanDuel to promote the next generation of Fantasy Football

Sutton and Shearer… Cole and Yorke… mtc and FanDuel

mtc has been snapped up during the transfer window by FanDuel, to form a formidable striking partnership. Working together on UK marketing campaigns to promote this exhilarating fantasy football experience, FanDuel and mtc aim to hit the target with this collaborative effort.

Winners of Webby Awards in 2015 and 2016, FanDuel are set to shake up the burgeoning fantasy football market with their offering of one day fantasy football contests. Their intensely fun experience brings you all the excitement, frustration and glory of a fantasy football season in just a single matchday, pitting players against each other for instant cash prices.

After selecting a starting eleven from a £100million budget, players can follow the exciting action with real-time updates on this fast paced web and mobile fantasy football platform. And if your team outscores your rivals, you can claim both real money and real glory.


A collaborative effort

The guys at FanDuel tasked mtc with creating a series of striking visuals and engaging copy for their marketing campaigns. This included a series of social media ads for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram campaigns, as well as affiliate banners, site take over skins and a very swish newsletter design. Not to mention a stunning print ad featured in the sport pages of the Daily Mirror.

During this collaboration, mtc consistently delivered creative and compelling visuals to deadline, no extra time needed!

The next generation of fantasy football is here and it’s worth shouting from the terraces about. And mtc are both proud and delighted to help promote this exciting and unique fantasy football platform. You can find out more about FanDuel at, where users enjoy a 100% deposit bonus.


If you are interested in working together with the team at mtc, we’d be more than willing to help you achieve your goals (final football pun, we promise). To find out how we can take you and your business to the next level, get in touch today.

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