Get ready for video marketing

16 Jul 2018

Get ready for video marketing

Get ready for video marketing

They say that a picture paints a thousand words. And by the same token, a video must speak a million, 1.8 million words to be precise.

The battle to attract and engage potential customers online is hotly contested, and winning their undivided attention is paramount to a successful online marketing campaign. The fast-evolving landscape of online experience continues to advance and users demand quick and succinct content. Just look at the most popular social media channels, and their ability to connect their users to engaging content.

This is where video can be a beneficial addition to your online marketing arsenal. Done correctly, you can illustrate exactly what your service, product or business is, in a matter of seconds. So let’s run through a few benefits that video marketing can bring to your online marketing strategy.

Benefits of video marketing

1. Video can boost your SEO Strategy

Search engines rely upon a vast number of factors to create their search algorithms, and we can now count video among these key factors. Websites that feature relevant videos can expect a boost in the search engine results pages, it’s been found that landing pages with video content on them are 53% more likely to appear on page one of search engine result pages. In addition, YouTube videos also appear in search results based upon their titles, descriptions and popularity, so not only are you tapping into YouTube’s 1 billion users by creating video content, your also increasing your potential exposure in search engine result pages.  

2. Mobile users love video content

The amount of users watching video on mobile devices continues its upward trend, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by around 87% of marketers who plan to increase mobile advertising in line with this growth. Over half of all online video content is viewed on a mobile, with a number of mobile platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat taking advantage of this by making it simple for users to share quick and engaging content. Smartphone users love video on the go, and providing them with relevant videos will greatly strengthen your online marketing strategy.

3. Video can improve conversions & sales

Video can even directly help you make money. It’s a powerful tool recognised by online retailers like Amazon and eBay, who reported that providing video content on a product page led to an increase in conversion by around 35%. If we think about it, product images greatly increase our chances of purchasing products. And with a video, we are drawn even further in, and feel even more engaged and ready click the “add to cart” button!

4. Video enhances social sharing

Social media users are much more likely to share video than other content types. In fact, social video accumulates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Video content helps to tell a story that many users can connect with. An exciting, interesting and innovative video, influences people in ways that plain old black and white text can’t, and with that comes the desire to share that experience with friends.

5. Engage with your customers

Marketers everywhere are using video content to engage with their customers. 51% of marketing professionals state that video has the best return on investment than any other type of content. Not only does video give businesses a better conversion rate, it also provides a unique opportunity to engage with your customers with interesting and valuable content. A fantastic motto to go by is “create fans, not customers” by doing this, you’re likely to create long-lasting customers that are likely to rave about your brand and share your video content. 

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