Award win and New Look for Peter Vardy Online

27 Oct 2022

Award win and New Look for Peter Vardy Online

Continuing our long-standing partnership with Peter Vardy , mtc was recently commissioned to design and develop the franchise areas of the website highlighting the make, and models of their prestige brands.

The franchises included BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mini and Porsche, each delivering an outstanding customer experience in line with the brand. For both pieces, we adopted an eCommerce-first, mobile-first mindset to increase sales and enquires for new vehicles.

eCommerce First Approach

Firstly, our eCommerce-first design was key to improving the car buying journeys, helping boost conversion rates with a specific focus on one of the hottest lead types, leads into Storefront. In tangent we evaluated Device Classes to identify what areas we needed to look at, using Split A/B Testing and user heatmaps to give our UX/UI designers real product data, as well as using our own industry solution experience.

Included in this piece of work were the franchise Homepages, which were based on current best-in-class mtc experience of the wider eCommerce market and Peter Vardy’s input. This included looking at a simplified search entry experience and easier access to keyword searches, alongside redesigning the site navigation and having a laser focus on features which supported the user with buying confidence, including stock, reviews, purchase process and finance.

Throughout the experience, it was important for Peter Vardy that the user was always at the forefront of the journey, and at any given moment it was clear and easy to navigate and the website's content was transparent. Peter Vardy’s dealerships offer an excellent level of high customer service, and we needed the website to reflect the same quality.


Euan Cameron, Director of Marketing at Peter Vardy had this to say about the project:

“Working with the team at mtc, we have again been able to push the boundaries of Digital and come up with a high-end solution in line with our brands, which delivers an outstanding user experience and one we can all take great pride in, we are looking forward to working with mtc and continuing to push the limits of the website with future launches.”


Forward-thinking is at the forefront of the Peter Vardy business, continually investing in their digital and ensuring that they create a company that truly engages with their audience, in a way that suits them.

Peter Vardy has also recently been awarded Retailer of the Year at the Autotrader Retailer of the year awards. Everyone at mtc passes on their congratulations to the entire Peter Vardy team in what has been a heroic effort from all involved.

Again, a massive well done to the entire team at Peter Vardy, we are proud to work with together and look forward to continuing to push the realms of Digital Automotive.


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