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The Glasgow Distillery Company

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In 2014 The Glasgow Distillery Company re-opened becoming the first Single Malt Whisky Distillery in Glasgow for over 100 years. 

As part of this short and long-term project was the need for a digital presence that was the shop-window to the world for the brand and created a home online to enable a logical and enjoyable experience for their old and new customers.  The brief of the project was to create a design-led, mobile first scalable eCommerce website to match the growth and ambition of the brand which we have setup to achieve with the new website development.  The website also includes a fantastic area to wet the pallet by viewing cocktail recipes with a quick buy to the related products. 

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The Glasgow Distillery Company

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The Glasgow Distillery Company

Some of their products include their 1770 Single Malt Whisky, Makar Gin, Banditti Club Spiced Rum, Prometheus Speyside Whisky and more exclusive Cask Club.