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Macdonald Hotels have over 20 years of experience providing "holidays of distinction" in the UK and Spain. The business has nine-holiday resorts in the most wonderful locations in the UK and Spain. Each of the UK resorts is located within a national park offering stunning scenery and opportunities for adventure. In Spain, three resorts on the Mediterranean coast near Marbella and one just north of the coast in the beautiful village of Mijas.

mtc was also appointed to re-design and build the new Macdonald Resorts and Macdonald Hotels websites, with a firm focus on driving direct bookings to help mitigate heavy commissions from the Online Travel Agents (OTA's). By creating a superior offering, and digital customer experience the Resorts website has been a huge success and is continually developing as part of a wider digital strategy.

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The website features a full online booking system, with direct integration into the global channel manager, SiteMinder. The SiteMinder integration allows real-time rates and availability to be presented to potential customers, as well as giving access to the latest special offers and incentives to book online.

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