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Jones Whyte LLP is the law firm people trust throughout their lives. They came to us to give help them achieve their digital goal; a website which will communicate the services and solutions available to the key target audiences, in a way which positively influences their decision in life.

We worked together closely to cater for the key customer journeys, UI/UX layouts and site architecture, this was imperative to the success of this development on the chosen WordPress CMS.

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Project Objectives Benchmarks of the law firm website

✅ Design and build a modern, clean and user-friendly website to clearly establish brand and visual identity.

✅ Create clear navigation to allow potential customers to easily find all areas of the website whether they be on their desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

✅ Simplify the navigational menu through a review the Informational Architecture of the site and implement a standardised taxonomy.

✅ Deliver a leading User Experience, with the goal to generate high quality leads into the firm, which can be tracked end to end.

✅ Gain trust from online users in the quality of service you can provide using a professional and engaging design and interface, while showing the company’s key areas of expertise through relatable testimonials and case studies.

✅ Increase the conversion rate exponentially from using appropriate design and user experience methodologies

✅ Improve the Search Engine Friendliness and ensure the organic ranking of the website is significantly improved

✅ Provide the firm with the means to see a healthy return on investment, using tracking and reporting methods to show these tangible results in an easy-to-read format.

✅ Create a scalable online presence which can be built upon and enable Jones Whyte to achieve its objectives over the next 3 years.

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