Why Should You Be Using Google Shopping?

17 Aug 2018

Why Should You Be Using Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a platform where many e-commerce advertisers place their ads on to showcase their product inventory to users for when they search for specific products on the platform.

Example of Google Shopping ad:

If you’re looking to acquire success from running your own Google Shopping Campaign, there are a number of things that you should take into consideration for implementing this strategy;

Feed Creation and Optimisation

This section covers creating a product feed of all your stock inventory items. Here, you can input information about the product, images, pricing and so on.


Bidding plays a major part of the visibility of product ads as Google determines where to place your ads against competitors based on the bids that you place. Google Shopping as such is an auction bidding platform where the more you bid the higher your ad will be, however, we are able to use clever bidding strategies to ensure that the cost per click is not too high yet you are also able to get good ad placements.

Monitoring and Optimisation

With your campaign on-going it is essential to regularly monitor the performance to ensure the campaign doesn’t overspend without a positive return on investment. Regular optimisation is required to keep the campaigns in line with Google’s best practises to produce the best results.

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