Why is Content Important?

06 Aug 2018

Why is Content Important?

As a major ranking factor, content is highly important to your SEO campaigns. By following Google’s guidelines for content this will help with boosting your website’s rankings and in turn, traffic and conversions. Not only that, but by engaging users with quality content you increase your chances of having your visitors return to your website.

Quality Content – Boost Your Organic Ranks!

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to aim for a minimum of 300 words per page to give your website the best chance of being ranked and increasing your visibility. Quality content should be well written with the correct use of grammar and keywords should be optimised within the text (however beware of keyword stuffing). Your content should deliver a clear message about what your website is about and should be written in a style that suits the audience you are trying to target.

Improve Trust

Quality content also helps increase trust with your website users; if your content is well constructed and looks professional they’ll be more inclined to return to your website in the future as they’ll see this as a website they can trust.

Lower Your Bounce Rates

Another plus from having content on your site is that it can help with lowering bounce rates – for example if you have well-written and properly structured content, it will make users want to learn more about your site and keep them engaged for longer. In the long term, by lowering bounce rates this will help with improving your rankings.

Increase Engagement With a Blog

If you don’t already have one, a great way to get more regularly updated content onto your website is by introducing a blog – it’s great for not only targeting keywords and interacting with visitors to your site, but also for sharing on social media. With users sharing your blog via social media this will increase brand awareness and traffic to your site!

In short, by having informative, quality content regularly updated on your website that holds users’ attention and that they can interact with - via social sharing, blog comments and discussions – this lends itself to increasing your website’s rankings, traffic flow and conversion rates.

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