What Is Email Marketing & How Does It Help Businesses?

13 Aug 2018

What Is Email Marketing & How Does It Help Businesses?

Email marketing is known as a way to develop and grow relationships with current customers, as well as potential ones. This form of marketing lets you build on the relationships you already have by sending out exclusive information on products 'coming soon' and deals for different periods of the year, for example; summer wear, Christmas and so forth. Email marketing is now a leading marketing strategy with it being the 3rd most influential tool to send information for business to business audiences, with it being used by 86% of professional businesses.

As mtc is an agency that strives to increase the return on investment (ROI) for clients, we use email marketing as a way to induce a further sale and interact with customers through promotional offers and deals. But why is this beneficial to businesses?

Engage & Target Customers

Email marketing isn’t just cost-effective, flexible and a great remarketing tool, it also businesses to keep relationships with customers. You are giving your customers the value of knowing everything first. The best discounts to specific products they have recently or previously purchased. Not only that, but they may pass these on to friends or colleagues which can help the email marketing list to grow.

There are various tools out there that allow customer email lists to be added and you can select specific target markets that produced the best results from A/B testing e.g. gender, age, location-based targeting. However, there are a variety of other benefits from using this type of marketing, like it being a cost-effective source to reach new and existing customers.

Marketing Messages

You can trigger emails at any point, from when a customer abandons a shopping cart to entice them to go back and make the purchase. This also is a form of remarketing that is essentially cheap and effective. The messages you send to your customers through email marketing can also be personalised and target a specific product, category or location. Email marketing messages can be as descriptive or image focused as you need them to be, allowing flexibility and adaptability. Making your messages more personal and unique to the customer will catalyst a future sale showing that email marketing has many ways of assisting in increased ROI.

A/B Testing

Email marketing also allows businesses to track how many customers engage with an email, this includes opening, selecting a button that will redirect to the site which will increase traffic overall and help us determine how effective each email marketing campaign is. By using email marketing, we can carry out A/B Testing to see what incentives customers are most interested in and what periods produced the highest number of clicks on an email/newsletter that was sent out.

Measurable Tool

And the best thing about email marketing is that it’s MEASURABLE! You can check what messages were most effective through increased sales during periods emails were sent out or by the number of customers that opened the email. With technology now allowing you to get more in-depth stats and information through analytics; email marketing is just the next best tool that has been created that anyone can use. It’s also not as full on as other forms of marketing in the sense customers have the decision of when they want to read it or if they even want to read it at all. It’s a less intrusive form of marketing where your emails are less likely to be moved to the dreaded spam.

Reach Large Audience Base

Reach audiences from any distance or even target a smaller, more niche customer base depending on the message you are trying to get across. The audience that you are marketing to are already engaged with the products you sell and the brand. Therefore, email marketing can only improve your business revenue by remarketing to these customers.

Full Control Over Marketing Campaign

You are in full control of your email marketing campaign, you can target against your business objectives e.g. drive further revenue, target periods of the year, sales and discounts to increase customer base. Whatever your business is aiming to do or who it wants to target, it can be achieved with email marketing.

What mtc Can Offer You!

mtc has the resources to create the perfect design template for any remarketing campaign. That’s why you should come to us for any email marketing requirements, this being design, content or images for your marketing campaign to increase sales to its peak.

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