Stars out at night at 'Live Aid of homelessness' in Edinburgh

31 Aug 2017

Stars out at night at 'Live Aid of homelessness' in Edinburgh

Homelessness in Scotland will finally be eradicated

That is the aim of Social Bite, a social enterprise that helps support the homeless in Scotland, through cafes, a restaurant and fundraising events.

Co-founder Josh Littlejohn has now organised 'the world's largest ever sleepout event'  billed as the Live Aid for Scottish homelessness.

Bob Geldof, who launched Live Aid in 1985 understands the power of music and events to power social change.

'I first met Josh and Alice from Social Bite five years ago and I am delighted to support them and their effort to eradicate homelessness in Scotland by sleeping out in the cold at the event.'

9,000 people invited to sleep out with the stars

Sleep in the Park is inviting 9,000 people to join them in Princes Street Gardens on the 9th of December 2017.

You will be joined by some of the Word's biggest artists, to sleep in the cold for one night.

As Josh admits the goal of ending homelessness is a daunting one, but the organisation has set an ambitious target of doing so within five years.

'Buskers' who will attend for the night include, Liam Gallagher, Deacon Blue, Amy Macdonald and Frightened Rabbit, who will all play unplugged.

Celebrities including Bob Geldof, sports stars and prominent figures from across the Scottish political spectrum will all be sleeping out. Rob Brydon will be hosting the event.

Comedian John Cleese will even read a bed-time story.

Tickets for the Event

No tickets will be sold. Members of the public and businesses join the event by reaching fundraising targets and accepting the sleepout challenge.

Employment pledge

In addition to fundraising Social Bite are encouraging Scottish businesses to to pledge employment opportunities for homeless people.

The target is to achieve 1,000 job offers.

The organisation is also looking for 1,000 households to open their doors and offer a spare room in their homes for a short period of time. The aim is to help people find their feet.

An example to the whole world

As Josh explains, 'The statistics of homelessness in Scotland are not insurmountable - we only need to help 11,000 people back to their feet. Together we can do that. So, whether as a business, a family or an individual - join our sleepout'

'By taking part in Sleep in the Park, you will be joining a movement to end homelessness in Scotland for good'

mtc and Sleep in the Park

mtc are proud to be involved with Social Bite and Sleep in the Park, designing and developing the website and also accepting the challenge - we hope you can too.

Visit the website to find out more and help spread the word and let's help eradicate homelessness in Scotland




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