SilverBullet V2 Website Launch

16 Sep 2020

SilverBullet V2 Website Launch

Following a string of successful client wins and exciting new developments on the horizon we are delighted to announce the launch of the all new SilverBullet Automotive eCommerce website.

We are extremely proud of the SilverBullet product and have some very exciting developments and announcements in the pipeline. The new website more accurately reflects the business today and the world class automotive ecommerce solutions on offers.

SilverBullet has already this year delivered 10,259 Finance Applications and 19,017 Enquiries to its growing client base. In terms of the big numbers lets take a look, SilverBullet year to date has generated:

£37.9 million in Vehicle Reservations, £119 million in Finance Applications and £237 million in Enquiries. Without a doubt SilverBullet are having a massive positive impact on its automotive clients eCommerce channel.

Check out the new SilverBullet Automotive eCommerce here.

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