Norwell Edge Set to Revolutionise the Oil & Gas Industry

22 Aug 2018

Norwell Edge Set to Revolutionise the Oil & Gas Industry

Back in May, on a sunny bank holiday Monday in Aberdeen, mtc were in attendance of a presentation detailing how Norwell Edge - an online learning tool that we helped to build - will put advanced technical upstream training within reach for thousands of people, who may previously have been unable to advance their careers in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Norwell Edge tasked mtc. to create a platform which would help them fulfil their mission statement:

"To open the door to everyone, everywhere who seeks a world class, affordable and comprehensive training platform in the oil and gas industry"

MTC provided the marketing website and payment system, as well as the integration to the course materials to create an easy to use, engaging platform. It has been hugely successful in Nigeria in its first month and is gaining interest in markets such as China, Europe and the Middle East.

Following the launch, our Project Director Alex McDonald said:

"We were delighted to attend the formal launch of Norwell Edge, an online learning tool that is set to revolutionise how training is delivered in the Oil & Gas industry.

We look forward to supporting the venture as it grows into another world-beating online tool."

mtc. are thrilled to see the platform has already been a success, with Mike Adams of Norwell Edge stating:

EDGE had been in development for about 5 years in the background before mtc came on board. We were looking for a design & development company who could come on board and deliver an awesome end product on time and on budget.

With the EDGE platform we were pitching an online tool primarily to users in Africa, with implications on eCommerce and the user journey through the website.

eLearning in Africa, and to some extent eCommerce, is still pretty groundbreaking so it took a lot of coordination between the various teams and a lot of hard work in the run up to launch day. We knew this was going to take a special group of people to deliver and we went with mtc because of this.

The final product was launched on time and we were able to land our first contract within 5 weeks. This would not have been possible without the support of the team at mtc.”

Mtc. look forward to our continued collaboration with Norwell Edge as their digital partner.

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