New eCommerce Web Site for Pulp Launched

13 Apr 2012

New eCommerce Web Site for Pulp Launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of the redesigned ecommerce site for Pulp

Our brief was to come up with a solution for their rigid and time consuming existing orders system which we were able to resolve using our eCommerce platform

We've also revamped the design, presenting them with a more modern website for their huge fan base.

Created in 2008, Pulp's DNA is about fusing music and pop culture with fashion. They've grown massively over the last few years and have a huge following, both offline and online across the main social media sites.

Pulp stocks the latest in alternative and music/band inspired clothing and accessories with a huge range of tshirts, hoodies, shoes, bags, cosmetics and more. By taking inspiration from pop culture, today they have created a culture of their own, and it was important that we reflected this in their online shopping experience too.

Make sure you check out their website here and join in the Pulp community:

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