mtc Take Care of Hillcrest Housing Group Online

14 Sep 2018

mtc Take Care of Hillcrest Housing Group Online

The Hillcrest Group of Companies is a diverse group parented by Hillcrest Housing Association. The association provides affordable housing, care, maintenance services, and training & employment opportunities. Within the Hillcrest Group of Companies there are Hillcrest Housing Association, Gowrie Care, Hillcrest Maintenance Services, Northern Housing Company, and Hillcrest Enterprise Limited; each of which has their own identity, service portfolio, and target audience.

In the previous few months, mtc have faced the challenge of providing a new website for the group. The platform Hillcrest required must deliver a fantastic user experience and an easy to use online platform for each company and the overall group brand structure.

A bright and engaging platform was one of the key criteria for the new website, ensuring that users can navigate the site. Improving the website design and usability gives users and visitors a good lasting impression of the site.

Ensuring that the website is easy to use with a responsive design was also one of the targets for mtc, who aimed to create a completely fresh approach to the website for its usability, look and feel. The site will help maintain the Hillcrest Group of Companies as an industry leader across all of its areas of operation. This is aided by creating a clear brand proposition and will provide information for all with an easy to use, effective, and personalised online experience.

Mtc are delighted with the outcome of the Hillcrest Group of Companies’ website, and hope that their new online platform and CMS system serves them well for the needs of their company.

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