mtc proud to play a key role in BrewDog's £26 million record breaking Equity for Punks V campaign

17 Oct 2018

mtc proud to play a key role in BrewDog's £26 million record breaking Equity for Punks V campaign

BrewDogs record-breaking Equity for Punks V Crowdfunding campaign has closed.

On Monday night, BrewDogs Equity for Punks V, fifth crowdfunding raise, closed its doors raising over £26.2m, smashing the world record for the most successful equity crowdfunding raise, and here at mtc we could not be prouder of this achievement for BrewDog and the team at mtc playing a key role in the delivery of the Equity for Punk platform that helped make it happen. 

Back in October 17 from working with closely with the marketing team at BrewDog we launched an updated and enhanced version of EFP IV crowdfunding platform built directly into which allowed new and existing EFP's to invest.

mtc provided the tech know-how to build the platform and 3rd party integrations to deliver the required solution online and were on hand throughout the campaign for supporting and adapting the system to suit the different stages of the campaign working closely with the BrewDog team daily. 

50,000 people invested in this fifth crowdfunding drive, more than the sum total of the previous four Equity for Punks crowdfunding rounds combined, bringing the total number of shareholders across the five rounds to 94,000.  This round of Equity for Punks saw the Aberdeenshire brewer set out to raise £10 million, a target it reached in under 90 days.

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog commented:

"Equity for Punks V is the most successful equity crowdfunding round the world has ever seen, and we’re thrilled to have expanded our awesome global community, which is the lifeblood of our business. The craft beer revolution shows no sign of slowing down, with thousands more joining the BrewDog fold and demonstrating their support for a business built on passion and soul"

So a massive well done to all at BrewDog from mtc and a big cheers to the new army of Equity for Punks that have joined the BrewDog community through Equity for Punks V.  If you interested in future rounds of EFP then be sure to sign up here.


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