mtc partner with BrewDog on Equity for Punks V crowdfunding campaign.

18 Oct 2017

mtc partner with BrewDog on Equity for Punks V crowdfunding campaign.

Equity for Punks V has Landed

Hot off the paws of the Decade of Dog announcements and the more recent face-lift of, mtc are thrilled to announce the launch of BrewDog's Equity for Punks V campaign.

The latest round of fundraising - 'Equity for Punks V’ - is given people the opportunity to invest in a company that has showing unbelievable growth year on year and on track to become the only Craft brewer with Production facilities in Europe, USA and Asia within the next two years.

mtc started working with BrewDog three years ago (21 Dog years) where we have provided a huge amount of varying digital solutions to accommodate their growth and unique marketing approach,  for EFPV we were able to take all the knowledge and experience we gained in EFPIV to make EFPV the slickest feature-rich campaign yet.  

There are many key features integrated as part of the new implementation:

· Upgraded API now incorporating the ability to apply for Gift Shares and Joint Applications

· Upgraded CMS Development for management of all Equity for Punks emails, webpages, enrolments and share allotments.

· Ability to Apply for your personalised ID card for Bar Discounts direct from the website to your door.

· Single Sign on to the exclusive Equity for Punks Forum. 

· Sophisticated 3rd party Share-Purchasing API integration to validate all shares in line with the FCA requirements.

· Fully integrated with our world class e-commerce solution to deliver unique shareholder access and discounts on the Online shop.  

· Dedicated team and load balanced hosting solution providing stability and support throughout the whole campaign.

· Delivered on time and on budget


If you are looking to crowdfund without using a high commission Crowdfunding platform and would like to find out more about how mtc can bring it all together then we would be delighted to talk to you now.


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