mtc Partner with BrewDog in Biggest Ever Crowd Funding Campaign

22 Apr 2015

mtc Partner with BrewDog in Biggest Ever Crowd Funding Campaign

Equity for Punks IV has Landed

Hot off the heels of the launch of the new BrewDog e-commerce platform. mtc are extremely pleased to announce the release of the new crowd funding platform for Equity for Punks IV.

The latest round of fundraising - 'Equity for Punks IV’ - is offering investors 2 equity shares for £95, with the aim of raising £25million – 6 times more than the previous round of funding in 2013.

BrewDog has rocketed to success in the last eight years. It has 26 bars, some as far afield as Brazil and Japan and ship beers to over 55 countries worldwide.

This time round BrewDog has opened up the availability of “owning a piece of BrewDog” to all of Europe, the live updates area shows just how far and wide investors come from.

EFP Referral Integration

When you invest in Equity for Punks, you receive a unique referral code. You can then share this code with friends and, when they also invest, referral points are earned, there is even a referral league table to see who is top of the hops.

Rack up enough referrals and you’ll receive money-can’t-buy rewards when BrewDog hit their target!

NewDog on the Block

mtc have been working tirelessly with BrewDog to ensure the platform is as easy to use and engaging as possible for punk entrepreneurs.

There are many key features integrated as part of the new implementation, here are a few of them

· Fully integrated responsive design

· Bespoke CMS Development for management of all Equity for Punks webpages

· Sophisticated 3rd party Share-Purchasing API integration

· Closely integrated with our world class e-commerce solution to deliver great shareholder discounts

· Dedicated load balanced hosting solution providing stability

· Delivered on time and on budget

You can find out more about the new share offering and make your investment online here: or check it out in the news.

It’s Punking Time! #EFPIV

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