mtc Partner with BrewDog in $50m USA Crowd Funding Campaign

04 Aug 2016

mtc Partner with BrewDog in $50m USA Crowd Funding Campaign

Here at mtc we are delighted and proud to be part of another ground breaking project with our friends over at BrewDog where they are setting out to raise $50M through Equity for Punks USA crowdfunding campaign.

Today, BrewDog, who are the fastest growing food & drinks business in the UK for the last 4 years are combining Europe’s leading brewer with the world’s biggest craft beer market bringing to life Equity For Punks USA: 

This will be the first time BrewDog has raised funds in the USA and the second time mtc and BrewDog have worked together on Equity for Punks Funding projects with the first crowdfunding campaign generating £19M earlier this year

After the successful Equity for Punks IV it was a natural fit for mtc to setup all the USA offering on with interactive pages such as Live Updates, FAQ's and Benefits pages.  The website then directs people into the USA Equity hosting platform in America, BankRoll.  

All shares are then allotted back to mtc via a custom import and all shareholder details are then activated on opening up a new world of added benefits including double discount on the Online Shop for people who invested in both UK and now USA.

At mtc we are extremely proud to have the skillsets, experienced team and a huge range of capabilities to provide solutions to help any business grow no matter their size.

You can buy a part of BrewDog USA for just $95 and today BrewDog and mtc invite the good people of America (and the rest of the planet!) to own a share in BrewDog's most ambitious project to date. BrewDog USA.

You can invest in BrewDog USA by clicking here. 



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