mtc loves your content

20 Oct 2014

mtc loves your content

It is unarguable that the heart and soul of any website comes from its Content Management System (CMS) - because that is where you supply the website with your content. The content is what makes a website unique amongst others, gives the user information about who the person or the business/organisation behind the website is and what they are offering. This is why we believe having the best tool for managing this content is essential.

"It is essential for our clients success that we give them the best solution to manage their websites in-house. This gives them the control they need to be able to quickly, easily, and efficiently update their websites. We believe having the best tool for managing content is essential.”

There are several Content Management Systems currently on the market. As a web development company with a wide array of talents - we work with several of these every day including Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. The one we prefer however of course is our own in-house Content Management System – mtc CMS2.

Our in-house content management system offers a number of benefits:

1. It offers security WordPress will never give you

Due to our continuous internal development and us updating our CMS continuously / hackers not having access to our source code we can ensure your website is not going to fall prey to mass hacks that Open Source Content Management System users fall victim to. This gives our customers maximum confidence in their website security, as we understand that the data the websites contain is very important.

2. We believe in giving you the control

We want you to have control over everything so that you don't want to have to pay us every time you want to put a news story onto your website or change a subtitle or amend contact information. That is why our CMS is built so that you can have access to every piece of data to quickly and easily manage, update, edit and control as you wish.

3. Better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from the ground up

Our CMS is built from the ground up to support SEO. Customisable pretty URLs, page-sspecific Meta Tags and a number of other tried and tested techniques which we have delivered fantastic results on for other clients which we do not want to explain fully in this article.

4. Cheaper & quicker customisation

By using our CMS both us and the client benefit also moving forward because we are able to add new features to the website faster and cheaper. As we are continually developing CMS2 to meet our client’s requests, and needs, as well as delivering features using the latest web technologies we are helping provide the optimum CMS solution to our clients.

These are but a few of the reasons why we think our Content Management System will best fit our client’s websites. If you want to find out how our tools and expertise can benefit you - contact us .

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