mtc launch BrewDog’s Equity For Punks USA III

15 Nov 2019

mtc launch BrewDog’s Equity For Punks USA III

Here at mtc we are absolutely delighted to be sharing that BrewDog Equity for Punks USA III is live now! 

BrewDog is owned by over 120,000 craft beer crusaders who invested through one of BrewDog's Equity for Punks raises from the UK and now the USA. Over the past decade BrewDog have grown from 2 men and 1 dog, to a global community of people who live and breathe craft beer.

Following the successful Design and Build of the Equity for Punks USA previous projects where BrewDog had raised $9M, the BrewDog team in USA were keen for mtc to work closely with them again to setup the platform to support this very exciting campaign again for EFP USA III. 

As part of this project we had to fully integrate our platform into the multiple 3rd party systems via API's to cover all the legal requirements from an American share and legal standpoint for the offering to pass all financial and legal requirements.  Part of the project is around people also being able to introduce their friends to BrewDog where they will also receive benefits in return for their introductions and investment. To support this we also setup interactive pages such as League tables to show who has introduced the most people and also Live Interactive Maps to show all the states in USA and where people are investing.  

All shares and shareholder data are then allotted back to via a custom import and all shareholder details are then activated on opening up a new world of added benefits including double discount on the Online Shop for people who invested in both UK and now USA.

The website is supported with an Amazon hosting infrastructure and a 24/7 support team from mtc.  

EFP USA Benefits

BrewDog Columbus

Also for our team to have the opportunity to go over to Columbus, USA to meet all the USA team face to face was a massive privilege and was the perfect end to what has been an amazing project to be involved in from all the team here at mtc.

At mtc we are extremely proud to have the skillsets, experienced team and a huge range of capabilities to provide solutions to help any business grow no matter their size.

So go on, you can buy a part of BrewDog USA now for just $60 and start enjoying their beery benefits by clicking here. 



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