Making a Success of your Black Friday Digital Marketing Campaign

16 Nov 2018

Making a Success of your Black Friday Digital Marketing Campaign

Black Friday is still a relatively new tradition within UK markets, having gradually made its way across from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean since 2010. It provides an excellent opportunity for retailers to offer discounted products to consumers who are looking to pick up bargains in time for Christmas.

The marketing team here at mtc have been busy in the previous few months preparing campaigns targeting Black Friday and Cyber Monday for a number of our own clients. If you’re looking to make extra sales through your online ecommerce store this November, take 5 minutes to read through our guide to Black Friday Digital Marketing.

Presence – Firstly, you need to think about your current online presence. Hopefully you already have a responsive website which looks great, but think about how you can tailor your home page to make it relevant towards Black Friday. Your home page should feature some important deals and buttons to direct users towards sale categories. 

Drive – What’re you doing to drive users to your Black Friday content? An SEO strategy will help gain organic traffic towards individual products & categories. Meanwhile, PPC, Email Marketing & Social Media should be used effectively to direct new and returning users towards your products.

Convert – You’ve captured the attention of users using your social media presence & online ads. What’re you going to do with them?! Make sure you’re sending them where you want them to be on your site, with as little distractions as possible. Make sure your pop-ups, shipping fees, product copy, and site speed aren’t putting off your users from converting.

Maintain – Hopefully your users will have made a purchase. Now’s your opportunity to encourage your customers to create a user account and sign up to email newsletters. Be sure to encourage a one-off buyer to become a brand loyal customer. Make good use of retargeting ads & email marketing, and promotions to encourage your customers to make further purchases towards that all-important Christmas shopping time!

We understand this can be complicated & overwhelming, especially if you’ve never attempted to manage a digital marketing campaign before. The team at mtc are on hand if you have any questions or queries about your digital marketing campaigns or if you need some help creating a responsive website for your ecommerce store.

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