Is it business as usual or unusually evolved?

17 Jun 2022

Is it business as usual or unusually evolved?

The past two years events have evolved how we live our lives and probably our working lives more than any other part. As the COVID-19 virus effect subsides, is it business as usual?

It won't add any value to go over what has happened in the past two years as we have all been in it together, however, to give context to how we at mtc conducted business, I went from driving around 2,000 miles per month to zero.

Our business needed to pivot rapidly to adapt to the situation, something that we are accustomed to in the tech industry. We had the knowledge, technology and experience to allow us to support our clients pivot their businesses to the online environment.

We went from circa 95% of our initial potential client meetings being face-to-face to all virtual overnight. All our new client kick-off meetings go from either at our client’s offices/sites, to virtual, along with our client operations/account management meet-ups.

For a digital business, it may seem that this should be quite simple, we do have global clients who we have never met in person, delivered successful solutions and helped build their business from afar, so the proven experience is there, we just needed to adapt to the new norm.

We did something we are very proud of while our world was in turmoil. We stood shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues and clients and found new ways to interact and keep driving forward. Our efficiency kept constant, and our client results grew, again something we take incredible pride in. All in all, as a company, we grew, not just on paper, but in resilience and confidence, that was when it was time to step up. We stepped up and forward into the new environment.

Right now, I am on a flight to our Bristol office, an office we planned during the height of the pandemic without actually seeing the office in person, colleagues who joined us during the pandemic and had never met in person. The flight is busy, a mix of leisure and business travellers, giving me a feeling the pandemic is behind us. Last month, in May, I drove near 2,500 miles, visiting clients across the UK, from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and Nottingham, to name a few.

So is it business as usual?

Yes, I believe it is, however it is a new usual.

Our offices are now fully open and we are welcoming and encouraging our mtc team to return safely where they can. We have firmly adopted a hybrid way of working. We are, where suitable, meeting potential and current clients in person. By driving the efficiencies and convenience of virtual that we have adopted over the past two years, continually benefiting our customers' new business as usual ethos.

I am a firm believer in conducting business face to face, be that with potential and current clients, along with my colleagues. It’s good for the soul.

For us, it's business as usual, evolved to meet all clients' requirements virtually or offline. In an unusual way, it's made us a better company with much happier clients and staff.

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