Introduction to Google Shopping

02 Feb 2017

Introduction to Google Shopping

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping ( is a platform where online shopping websites can market their products. It was previously known as, Product Listing Ads (PLA’s).

The platform has many online businesses currently advertising on it and can be quite a competitive market place to be in, however, it does have various benefits. As the whole platform is based on a bidding model, anyone on Google Shopping can be shown on the top for a relevant search term provided they are bidding competitively.


How does it work?

Users will search for a product they are looking for and your ads will appear.  

Example: I am looking for a mens red Ferrari t-shirt.





As you can see above, all of these ads are on the Google Shopping platform and will usually appear at the top of the page when users search for a specific product on Google. It is for this reason that a lot of online businesses use the platform to their full advantage.


Who is it for?

This platform is best suited to eCommerce sites, as it allows them to market specific products, while also making them more visible to potential customers.


Why use it?

Google Shopping is a great platform to make your products (and business!) more visible to your customers and drive more traffic to your site by marketing specific products. At mtc, we have seen Google Shopping as a great win for the majority of our clients and would recommend all online businesses take the opportunity to test this channel out.


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