mtc. visit Google HQ in London

20 Mar 2017

mtc. visit Google HQ in London

mtc. visit Google HQ in London

Out of the 950+ participating agencies in Google Partners, it was a great achievement for mtc. to have been chosen for being one of 2016's top-performing agencies. As part of celebrating the success for Google Partner agencies we were invited to visit Google’s new office in London. 

What is Google Partners?

Google Partners is Google's programme for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals and other online consultants who manage AdWords accounts.

Some benefits of working with a Google Partner agency are:

- The account managers working on your campaigns are all certified analysts

- Team members must all be up to date with the latest best practises for Google which are applied to your campaigns

- Access to early beta features which allows us to test them ahead of initial launch so we can be up to speed with them and use them for our clients to be ahead of competitors

- Receiving the latest industry trends and insights online

 What the visit consisted of?

We were given a speech from heads of the Google Partner programme who then handed out awards to the best performing agencies. The awards given out were measured upon new business acquisition, company growth & client retention.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and won!

A lot of innovation was given to the way users are changing the way they search from desktop to mobile, with almost 60% of all searches now coming from mobile devices. Technology is evolving rapidly and in no time will we be speaking to our phones on a daily basis. Oh wait, we do that already!

The evening then consisted of fun and games and networking with other agencies. It was a great day out to play mini golf with some Googlers!

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