Five Benefits of Making your Services Available Online 

25 Mar 2020

Five Benefits of Making your Services Available Online 

With our lives increasingly changing as a result of COVID-19, we all need to think of new ways to adapt our routines and businesses to this fast-changing situation. mtc can support you with this in several ways, here we’ll discuss our offering for those offering customer-facing services and classes.

Conducting business under this pressure is unchartered territory. Social distancing’s impact has led to many customer-facing businesses cancelling their primary offerings for the foreseeable future, in the interest of client health and wellbeing. 

In this blog, we’ll explain the benefits of adapting to our new online market for classes, courses and training - from team-building exercises to dance classes and creative workshops! If you approach this the right way, you can maintain high-quality, chargeable services for your customers’ to enjoy at home.

The solution we have developed is available is to offer your customers, old and new, a paid-for members area to sign into. In this area, you can host content that will keep your followers or users engaged with your business. We need to turn social distancing into just physical distancing, and learn how to be social in our new reality; the answer is online! 

Here are some of the benefits of taking your service to an online platform: 





Recently, Netflix announced that the new high-demand will be met with lower quality streaming in Europe, and we expect this trend to continue. People are looking for new ways to keep themselves and their families occupied, entertained and healthy. After all, there’s only so much binge-watching we can do! Make sure your business is ready for them; at the top of their search results and relevant by moving online in a streamlined platform. 


Familiar Face


A Familiar Face

Your community is around you now more than ever. People are coming together in support of their local businesses, make sure you are one of them! This is the moment to tell your users that you are maintaining your service offerings using online channels, with ‘members areas’ available just for them and their needs. We all need familiar faces at this time; offer continuity to your customers of all ages who want to keep some kind of normality! 


Your Platform


Your Platform 

We are offering you the tools you need to manage your own branded platform that functions in the way you need it to. Unlike many other platforms, the format of your content will not be generalised, we want you to have the power to manage this big step creatively and freely, with our support. Plus, we can make it available under a domain of your choice - giving your users a more personalised message. 



An Opportunity to Grow

In this turbulent time, we must find some positives. Effectively transferring services online opens up a whole new audience outside of your local area. With our help, this could be a time and opportune moment to grow your reach far and wide. Complimented by a strong marketing campaign, your new service offering could engage a wide, targetted audience, educating them on your unique online offering. 



Scale your platform

Although pushed by the current climate, this needn’t be a short-term fix. When your classes are back in action, you can use the content you create for online as fantastic marketing collateral, add it to your website or even continue to offer this to your expanded customer bade. 


Take this chance to adapt with the times and keep your business thriving through this tough time with the help of mtc. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in taking your services online, we’d be happy to talk it through with you! 


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