Fair Work Employer Support Tool

26 Feb 2021

Fair Work Employer Support Tool

We are delighted to announce the launch of the all new Fair Work Tool.

The concept of Fair Work may not be familiar to all employers which is why the Fair Work Convention in 2016 set out a helpful Framework explaining the dimensions of fair work (effective voice; opportunity; security; fulfilment and respect) and how they can be achieved.

Fair Work aims to balance the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers and generates mutual benefits for individuals, organisations and society, such as increased participation in work; improved productivity in the workplace; wider distribution of wealth within local communities.

Scottish Enterprise, in conjunction with the Scottish Government, Fair Work Convention and other partners, mtc have developed this tool to help employers understand and fully embed the dimensions of Fair Work. It will support your organisation to take the next step on your Fair Work journey.

Client Quote "We are delighted with the new Fair Work Tool. The project is going very well and we are looking towards developing it further from here."

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