Explore New Look Norwell EDGE training platform!

24 Oct 2019

Explore New Look Norwell EDGE training platform!

Here at mtc we are delighted to launch the new Norwell EDGE eLearning platform with its second version working with mtc and Norwell.

Norwell EDGE has come a long way in a short time, since launching in 2017 they have developed more than 70 modules and delivered training to more than 450 individuals in 2019 alone across the Globe.

Norwell EDGE provides subscription-based learning within the Oil & Gas industry. The current website was built by mtc last year, however a change in the business model, meant that the site would benefit greatly from a technical and cosmetic overhaul as well as a new payment structure, to bring it in line with the needs of its audience.

Online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on any WiFi connected device. Norwell EDGE is digital learning at its best. Ensuring you can learn at a time and pace that suits you.

As part of this project we refreshed the website which has simplified how their modules are displayed and how they are selected to build a training programme to meet the needs of their clients teams. We then connected the course bookings directly into the course provider API's for instant and efficient bookings going forward providing an overall better UX for everyone involved.

There’s also now a dedicated resource page which features latest brochures, snapshot videos and will include other bonus materials coming soon.

For anyone interested in furthering their Oil and Gas eLearning then look no further than the fantastic new Norwell Edge platform here


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