eProperty Management Solutions for the property industry

16 Apr 2008

eProperty Management Solutions for the property industry

We are happy to announce the re-launch of HouseSpotters, Scotland's leading online property portal.

Competition between estate agents can be very fierce and having a competitive edge online is very important. Through our eProperty management system you can utilise a vast array of unique and bespoke features giving you that competitive edge over your competitors, unlocking a whole host of new selling tools and revenue generating opportunities.

A few of the key features include:

Seamless Management Interface

No more spending hours updating your site, only to find it hasn't done what you intended. Through our intuitive user interface you will not only have the confidence, but will enjoy harnessing the power your eProperty management system offers. With access to real-time customer statistics, such as number of schedules viewed, number of views of each property and full control of your properties displayed you will gain access to invaluable data. Also through our postcode lookup feature, and automatic map location generation simply enter the postcode and address of the property and let our system take care of the rest.

Realtime Property Feeds

Keeping your web site up to date with the latest properties is vital. Not only with you have manual access to add / remove / edit properties our system can also use data feeds to update property information "on the fly" without you ever having to do a thing.

Powerful Search Facilities

Let your users access search facilities in a number of ways. Users can specify their search criteria in the typical fashion using text boxes to enter locations, as well as drop down menus to select from. As well as this, for users who prefer a more visual representation users can view on a map not only the specific location of a property - but also its surrounding area; such as other properties within the same area at a glance, schools, raiway stations and more. Not only that, through the Google Maps API users can also view a satellite view of the property - showing them its exact boundaries and size.

Search Engine Optimisation

With a proven track record of success, MTC Media have integrated our highly successful Advanced Search Engine Optimisation feature into the eProperty system. Allow people searching on the major search engines to not only find your services, but also the latest properties included in your database.


Sell advertising to other related companies such as lawyers, or financial related businesses within your site to generate revenue. Give your advertisers access to real time statistics telling them exactly how many people are viewing their advert / clicking on it.

Google Maps

Every property has an embedded link to a digital location map showing its exact location with full interactivity allowing users to zoom in / zoom out, move around and even view a satellite image of the location. Google Maps is a free web map server application and technology provided by Google that powers many map-based services and which can be used in conjunction with conventional property search results to display your properties on a map, giving another dimension to searching for property; a more tangible overview of location relevance.

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