Click Pharmacy: A Strategic Digital Marketing Partnership with mtc.

19 Mar 2024

Click Pharmacy: A Strategic Digital Marketing Partnership with mtc.

With the help of digital marketing, gaining an advantage over your competitors is key to building a success story. 
Click Pharmacy, a top pharmacy accessible online, provides its customers with a wide range of medications and health-related items, ensuring convenience and confidentiality with every delivery. 
This Pharmacy was created to help people receive quality healthcare easier and quicker, using modern technology to allow access to essential medicines and advice without even having to leave your home. 
The Click Pharmacy team is composed of expert pharmacists and well-informed advisors who are dedicated to assisting with any inquiries regarding our products and their applications. With a strong commitment to providing the necessary guidance, they ensure that every question about usage and benefits is addressed, helping you make the most informed decisions for your health. 
They boast not only an extensive range of medical products but also a tailored approach to each client’s needs.

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Click Pharmacy SEO

The initiative started with a bold objective: to enhance Click Pharmacy's online visibility through strategic keyword optimisation
The ambition was significant, the obstacles were substantial, but the determination of our team was unwavering. 
Our journey was filled with challenges, notably the complex issue of where multiple pages on the same website competes for the same or similar keywords. 
In the competitive digital environment, Click Pharmacy encountered a situation where similar pages competed for attention, weakening their effectiveness. Through detailed analysis and strategic action, we partially addressed the “keyword cannibalization” issue, enhancing the website's SEO performance. 
But the challenges did not stop there. We had to contend with over 3,000 potentially harmful links, a risk that could compromise Click Pharmacy's online standing. 
With precise and decisive action, we disavowed these links, reinforcing our digital defences against potential Google penalties. 
We observed a significant improvement in keyword ranking: 

  • Top 3 rankings increased by 62.5%, 
  • Positions 4-10 increased by 36.4%, 
  • Ranks from page 2 to 10 increased by 48.6%. 

These figures were not merely statistics; they were evidence of our strategic expertise and continuous pursuit of excellence. 

Click Pharmacy PPC

In our continuous quest to boost Click Pharmacy's digital footprint, our next venture explored the complex world of Google Ads.

The goal was clear:

  • amplify the reach,
  • engagement,
  • conversion rates without inflating the budget.

The outcome was a testament to the precision and effectiveness of our strategies.  
Leveraging a refined keyword assortment and honing in on our target demographic, we observed a clear surge in impressions. This strategic manoeuvre not only widened our audience scope but also elevated Click Pharmacy's prominence on the digital scene.  
The refinement didn't stop with visibility. By crafting ad content with heightened relevance and appeal, we saw a spike in click-through rates.

This was clear indication that our messages were not just reaching more eyes but were also striking a chord with the intended audience, driving a higher volume of traffic to our platform.  
A key aspect of our strategy was optimising for mobile interactions, specifically through the implementation of call extensions. This move significantly boosted phone call conversions, connecting more potential customers directly with Click Pharmacy's offerings.  
This journey highlighted the profound impact of strategic agility, data-led decision-making, and a true commitment to maximising client value. The results speak volumes: a marked increase in digital engagement and conversions, all while maintaining a disciplined budget. It's a clear path forward for those looking to harness the full potential of their online advertising initiatives.  
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