Brewgooder Mission Update: Malawi

23 Jun 2017

Brewgooder Mission Update: Malawi

Back in October 2016 we launched our digital partnership with Brewgooder, whose mission is to provide clean water for 1,000,000 people through the power of craft beer by donating 100% of their profits to clean water charities. Brewgooder have wasted no time in putting their mission into action, and we are thrilled to share this update with you from their recent trip to Malawi.


The focus of the trip was to oversee their first two projects: The first is a 3000 litre solar powered tank in the village of Chiluzi, Dedza District, which supplies 3 taps and can completely refill over the course of four hours. The taps greatly reduce the manual effort required to fetch water in the community. This tank also supplies a nursery school feeding programme and an antenatal clinic - a welcome addition to the community and something we are extremely proud to support.


The second project is the Ellon Well in Phirilongwe - a remote mountainous region in the Mangochi District. Named after the BrewDog Ellon brewery, the well provides abundant clean water to a very rural, isolated community. Another extremely worthwhile project and a great use of the profits from the Brewgooder enterprise.

Alan Mahon of Brewgooder had the following message for us on his return from Malawi:

"Appreciate mtc's generous help on our website and your faith in the brand, the beer and the mission...we hope to be working with you for a very long time on lots of great projects like this!"

We would like to thank Brewgooder for their kind words, and all the good work they are doing. We look forward to many more mission updates as they take the craft beer revolution worldwide, and change the world - one can at a time.

If you want to find out more, head over to the Brewgooder website, or you can support the #DrinkBeerGiveWater mission the old fashioned way at your local Asda or Aldi.

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