Best Online Food Ordering Platform For Restaurants, Takeaways & Kitchens

12 Dec 2018

Best Online Food Ordering Platform For Restaurants, Takeaways & Kitchens

Previously I published an article about mtc's continual and growing success in developing digital products and businesses. The article was titled "Digital Product & SaaS Development Projects" and is well worth a read to give full context to this article.

One of the most exciting products we have launched and taken to market is the Hungrrr food ordering platform. Over the last decade we have witness unprecidented growth in online ordering and sales - and whilst most people think of the high street in this context one of the areas which has been transformed the most is the way we order our favourite Chinese, Indian or Pizza on a Friday night.

Just Eat are the market leader in this space, and having successfully completed the acquisition of HungryHouse for £200m look set to continue their domination of the space. Just Eat is a phenomenal platform, delivering as many as 500,000 orders in a single day, and 10 million online orders in a single month.

Behind this massive success, lie the takeaway / restaurant owners themselves. The business model is very simple for Just Eat, in return for putting the takeaways menu in the hands of customers via web, iOS and Android apps the takeaway must be Just Eat around 15% commission for each and every order generated. So, for example if a takeaway is doing £20,000.00 per month, they will be paying Just Eat £3000.00 per month in commission. In many cases, restaurants and takeaway owners are finding that the largest cost to their business is now Just Eat, with the technology giant earning more than the takeaway owner themselves. This has resulted in a massive revolution in thinking where takeaway and business owners now want to re-gain control of their own brand, and their own customers - enter the Hungrrr platform.



The Hungrrr Client Dashboard

We launched the platform around 18 months ago, after deciding that by extending the mtc eCommerce platform we could quickly and easily provide takeaways and restaurants a feature rich online ordering platform covering:

• A fully branded website for the restaurant / takeaway / kitchen
• A fully branded native app for iOS and Android

The goal here is simple, to provide the customers with just as simple and easy a way to order their takeaway as Just Eat have, with one key difference - no 15% commission on each and every order.

Having deployed the system into a number of early adopters, it was clear to us that the product had massive potential. One of our early customers had 5 takeaways, and was paying Just Eat around £12,000.00 per month in commission. That is £144,000.00 per year. We deployed the Hungrr platform for the client, giving them the platform they needed to service their loyal customers. Within a 3 month period we had managed to migrate 75% of the Just Eat business over to the Hungrrr apps, saving our client nearly £100,000.00 per annum.

Since launching our apps with Hungrrr we have saved over £100,000.00 in a single year. We have used this money to open a second location and plan to do it all over again. This has given us the power and control back to grow our business.

We have continued to develop the platform, and now have several hundred restaurants, takeaways and kitchens onboard, with new owners contacting us on a daily basis. The feature set we offer now goes beyond the functionality Just Eat offer takeaways and restaurants, to include more customer-focused tools such as:

• Customer Loyalty Points Programme
• Marketing Automation Via Push Notifications
• Android & Apple Pay
• Driver Tracking
• Kitchen Order Management
• In-Store Kiosks for Seamless Ordering
• In-Store Table Ordering
• In-Room Hotel Food Ordering
• Promotional Coupon Codes 2-4-1, % Discount, Gift Vouchers

It is incredibly exciting to know that we now have a world-leading platform delivering tens of thousands of orders per month, and millions of pounds of food orders to our clients without the commission.

Make sure to check out the Hungrrr platform for more information, and be sure to let anyone you know who is currently using Just Eat about our innovative new product offering.


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